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Tough Body

The camera body is made of magnesium alloy, making it lightweight and very robust. The inner frame directly couples the sensor and IBIS unit with lens and lens mount to provide complete rigidity from the lens to the sensor. The engagement area between the front and rear panels has been maximized to achieve ultimate durability against external force.

Magnesium Alloy Body
Front Frame, Sensor/IBIS/Mount + Inner Frame, Rear Frame

Dust-resistant / Weather-resistant

95 Sealing Parts

Body Resistance

The camera body is weather sealed at 95 points (including the electronic viewfinder) helping it withstand extreme conditions of dust, moisture and low temperatures. This means that the camera can comfortably handle a wide variety of shooting situations, be it shooting stills or video. This means the GFX100 is perfectly suited to being used in a studio but also outdoors in harsher environments.

Operating Condition

Temperature-10℃ – 40℃
Humidity10 – 80% (No condensation)
Dust-resistant Weather-resistantSealing parts of body 76 / EVF 19

Vertical Grip

Horizontal and Vertical Body Operation

The GFX100 camera body has a built in vertical grip, it is the first FUJIFILM camera to have this integrated design. This allows the camera to be thinner and lighter than before while still housing a large sensor, shutter mechanism, IBIS and two batteries. This balanced design of the camera allows the user to instantly switch from landscape to portrait orientation.

Body Surface

Texture and Handling

The magnesium alloy body, whilst lightweight and highly robust, is coated with premium color and texture. The design and handling have been optimized based on feedback from professional photographers working in the fields of landscape, commercial and fashion portrait photography. The body has been designed down to the last detail, including the size and layout of buttons, dial designs, materials, and sounds.

Customizable Fn buttonsHorizontal 8 buttons, vertical 7 buttons
Touch function4 direction