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File transmitter

File transmitter FT-XH

This file transmitter features wired LAN connectivity and high-speed wireless communications capability, essential for in-studio tethered shooting or sports / media shooting. It can be also used as a vertical grip. It fits two of the high capacity battery “NP-W235.”

It can be combined with the X-H2S / X-H2 to support the following communication specifications:

  • FTP transfer by wired LAN / wireless LAN / USB Smartphone tethering
  • Tethered shooting by wired LAN / wireless LAN
  • Remote recording by wired LAN / wireless LAN; Capable of controlling up to 4 X-H2S / X-H2 cameras from a browser at the same time


X-H2S / X-H2

File Transmitter FT-XH Tutorial Movies

FTP Transfer

Play Video

FTP Optional Setting

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Tether Shooting

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Remote Rec Function

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