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Victor Moriyama (Brazil)

Victor Moriyama works as a photojournalist since 2010. Inspired by the so many social inequalities and its violence produced in any third world country between social classes, he is now based in São Paulo, Brazil, his homeland. He believes there is an enormous field to produce some powerful visual stories in a country such as Brazil. Social problems and environmental conflicts are some of the topics more addressed by him. He worked as a stringer photographer for one of the biggest newspapers in Brazil called Folha de São Paulo. You can also find his work in some international agencies and newspapers such as Reuters, AFP, The New York Times, Le Monde, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, Time Magazine and so on. Since 2013 he’s been working as a stringer photographer for Getty Images News based in São Paulo and currently works for the National Geographic Magazine, El País and Le Monde.


I worked professionally with photography ten years ago and from the beginning I chose to use heavy equipment that is harmful to health if used long term, especially for the back. Brazil is a violent country because social inequality is conspicuous and a consequence of a historical process of concentration and poor distribution of income and education that is far from being eradicated. This factor is critical to the photographic act because it inhibits the practice of many photographers who are afraid to enter and photograph in certain places, even during the day. The street photography is greatly impaired. In this logic, larger equipment is generally more expensive and also more flashy for thieves who resell the stolen cameras clandestinely. After a few years working with photojournalism in Brazil, I realized that I missed the daily life photograph of my country. I realized that I let out countless situations with high photographic potential guided by beautiful and different lights, typically Brazilian scenarios and the miscegenation of the people that started to attract my look like a daily addiction. Ever since I met the compact and especially discreet X-T10 camera, it gave me a more natural way of getting into the place without attracting people's attention, a fact that did not happen easily when I used larger cameras, I started shooting every day and it represented a Revolution in my photography.