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Sean Marc Lee

I an American photographer currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. Born and raised in San Francisco, I studied film and visual arts at the University of California, San Diego before moving to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry. I first came to Taiwan in 2009 to shoot a film in Tainan eventually moving here to Taipei in 2011 where I live with my girlfriend and a cat named pork bun. My work is a eclectic hybrid of editorial, street fashion, portraiture and youth lifestyle. Clients have included The New York Times, Monocle Magazine, GQ Taiwan, Getty Images, The Hollywood Reporter, Hypebeast and more. Currently I'm working on a long term book project called "What Time Is It There?" shot on both film and digital about the strange quirky things that make my life here in Taiwan.


I have been shooting film and still shoot film for almost 20 years now, starting off with 1970s era Minolta SLRs. For personal work in the last few years, it always has been with medium format film cameras and compact 35mm cameras such as the Fujifilm Klasse W. When the X100 was first announced, I immediately was sold on it but still remained skeptical. It was still digital! How could I love it? I already owned a Canon 5D but it never inspired me. Shooting digital with the X100 (although quirky in many ways) made me fall in love. It was the closest experience I ever had to using my film cameras. Eventually I picked up the Fuji X-E1 (I didn't mind the EVF and used it more on the X100 anyways, so I couldn't justify the X-Pro1) with the 35mm prime and the 18-55 zoom. I've used the X-E1 to shoot stories for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times as well as Monocle Magazine and various other things. Despite the "slowness" of the AF, the weight and image quality never disappointed. The form factor was perfect and allowed me to carry it everywhere to shoot street fashion portraits. For traveling and carrying less, it was such a back saver as I never brought my Canon before on long trips, now the Fuji's go with me everywhere. I passed on the X-E2 and waited, constantly checking for news and updates, and when the X-T1 was announced, I knew immediately it was what I was looking for. I bought one of the first imported models into Taiwan and haven't looked back. I'm really looking forward to the new X100T as well. I currently own the 23mm, 35mm, 56mm and the 18-55mm. I had the pleasure of borrowing the 10-24mm and was amazed by the sharpness and build quality of the lens. It excites me to see Fuji dedicated to their users with their "kaizen" approach giving new life to even my old X100. In the meantime, I've gone on to shoot a few more jobs with it and have played with it more. You've won me over completely Fuji. I never thought I'd care for anything less than film or a full frame sensor, but you've really got a hold on me.