Phey Palma (Hong Kong)

I'm Phey a flipino raised in Hongkong. I always say that "I'm just a dude with a camera" and never really considered myself as a photographer. Photography will always be a learning process for me and another output. As like most of everyone else here it all began as a hobby and eventually I made it into a part of my daily life (making a living out of it now). Started a few years back with a Cheapo camera Phone and after a good few months I noticed that the camera phone has nothing much to offer but just clicking the camera button to take pictures(that time cam phones is just clicking the button with no focus or settings).
That's when I decided to jump to a DSLR. I remember that it was my birthday that wifey bought my very first DSLR and I have absolutely no idea how to even use it. I learned it all by trial and error, joined photography forums like DPP (Digital Photographers Philippines) and asked fellow photographers and one of them happened to be the late Filipino rap master Francis Magalona taught me on what shutter speed, aperture and compositions are. And from there I got the basic concepts of how to use the damn thing. After that I also got to know some of Philippines finest photographers whom some of them I even met personally and shot with.
After a while I joined a filipino photography group based in HK (PPC-HK). And had been very active with the group and we organised Photography Workshops, Photo exhibits, Photo shoot outings.I love taking portraits and doing street photography as watching time unfolds in front of you. I also led the Annual Scott Kelby worldwide photo walk HK leg twice in a row. Had some of my works published in Digital Photographer Magazine Philippines, PULP magazine Philippines , HK Magazine, Food magazines and been featured on Local HK Surf Brand Float Captain. No matter what or who my subject is It all comes down to "The Process & The Moment".
Wyng Foundation Photo contest - 2012 Grand Winner
Wyng Foundation Photo contest - 2013 First runner up
Asia Tatler x Leica - 2014 Grand Prize winner


The Combo of Amazing Quality and Retro SLR Looks which made me fell in love with my X-T1. Being lightweight with the ability to work as a DSLR is a winner for me and I always rely on great ISO performance and fast AF. I was a bit hesitant at the beginning for using mirrorless cameras as I always thought that it was just a wannabe DSLR camera with a cool retro look. But the moment after trying the X-T1 system I never looked back it has simply exceeded my expectation. I've always been into street photography and I used to bring my DSLR from time to time for photowalks but after having the X-T1 it's a must to bring whenever I go out. I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT.


  • X-T1
  • XF18mmF2 R
  • XF23mmF1.4 R
  • XF56mmF1.2 R