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Matthieu Rytz (Canada)

Matthieu Rytz is a visual storyteller and a social entrepreneur. Trained as a visual anthropologist he founded AnthropoGraphia an organizations that is committed to promoting advocacy visual storytelling. Matthieu is also a founder partner of, a new media company with offices in Montreal and New York. Matthieu is also the managing director of the World Press Photo in Montreal. His photographic work focuses on long term documentary projects. Matthieu is currently working in remote places as for example in Panama covering the cultural changes of an ethnic groups called Kuna that sees there territories devastating by the global warming. Matthieu has been exhibited and published internationally. He was born in switzerland in 1980 and is now based in Montreal, Canada


I have been using DSLRs for a decade. I bought my first camera when I was 16 and it was a Nikon FE. Since then, I have been using all kind of DSLRs. Last year, I bought a FUJIFILM X-100 and I left for panama to work on a story. I had my full frame DSLR with me. After a week of work, I notice that I did not took any one pictures with my DSLR. Realizing that I sold all my DSLR equipment and got the X-Pro1 and 3 lenses. The images quality provided by the fuji x-systems is very high and fits all my professional needs. Of course the FUJIFILMs do not have the same performance of the modern DSLRs. Don't take a X-Pro1 if you go to the Olympics or the World Cup or if you need high speed 51 focus point and a 10 frame per second. But don't compare oranges and apple, the x system is about photography. Its a system in its own between the very expensive digital rangefinder and modern DSLR. It's a perfect camera for documentary work.