Markus Andersen (Australia)

Born in Sydney, Markus Andersen has a passion for revealing truths and creating unexpected narratives through photography.
Andersen has held solo and collaborative exhibitions in New York, Paris, Toronto, Istanbul, Sydney and the United Kingdom, and his work is represented in private and institutional collections around the world.
His first book, Rage Against The Light, was released in late 2015 and second book, Cabramatta: A moment in time, was released in early 2017 (both titles through T&G Publishing).


The FUJIFILM X100F is dynamic, intuitive and powerful street / photography camera – designed to react and respond quickly to the fast changing environment. The small, quiet and lightweight FUJIFILM X100F camera allows me to remain inconspicuous when shooting. Subjects are unaware of my presence – enabling me to capture genuine moments of daily life.

When using B&W setting, I found the grain function on the FUJIFILM X100F gives the image files a tactile aesthetic that would appeal to film photographers. I set the camera to create contrasty and impactful files that emphasized the bright light & deep shadow of the Australian sun.

Colour images drawn from the FUJIFILM X100F are vibrant and intense. The files are saturated and have a beautiful organic quality. The colours “pop” on the page or screen.

The autofocus of the FUJIFILM X100F camera is highly responsive, reliable and accurate. I could grab moments in an instant and the FUJIFILM X100F always nailed the focus. Alternatively, I could use manual focus if needed, just like a traditional manual rangefinder.

The FUJIFILM X100F is an incredible instrument for the street, documentary and portrait photographer. The camera allows the artist to concentrate purely on the activity of the scene before them –  enabling instinctive, fast and responsive shooting.

For me, the FUJIFILM X100F has become an unmatched tool in creating powerful documentary and street images.


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