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Gus Waschefort (South Africa)

Gus Waschefort had a very early entry into professional photography, after leaving school aged fifteen he set off to Indonesia for his first major photographic expedition. During the subsequent four years Gus undertook numerous further assignments, and by the time he was nineteen, he had worked in around 25 countries on 4 continents. During this time he had witnessed many 'human wrongs' in places such as the war-ravaged Angola and Democratic Republic of the Congo during the late 1990s. These experiences lead Gus to conclude that in order to be a better photojournalist (who focuses on human rights issues), he had to understand the dynamics of human rights and human rights abuses better. This prompted him to commence formal study of multi-disciplinary approaches of human rights, culminating in a PhD from the University of London (SOAS) in international human rights law. He has published and lectured internationally on human rights and photojournalism. A book he authored is in the process of being published by Hart Publishing: Oxford, entitled 'Child Soldiers and International Law'. Gus has maintained a focus on human rights issues and is engaged in a project entitled, 'Children and Armed Conflict: an Untold Story in Pictures'.