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Fernando Moleres (Spain)

Born in Bilbao 1963. Based in Barcelona.
Grants and Awards
Tim Hetheringtom Grant Award by Human Right Watch and World Press Photo.
Deeper Perspective Award, Lucie Awards 2012, Los Angeles (USA)
Finalist W. Eugene Smith prize 2011.
Leica prize in 8th Festival Images, Vevey 2011
POY Picuture Of The Year 2011: World Understanding Award
World Press Photo 2011, Daily Life Series – Juveniles in Prision
Beca Revela 2009. Children in African prisons.
World Press Photo 2003, series Art, Amsterdam.
W. Eugene Smith Prize (2 prize) 1999. New York.
World Press Photo, series daily life. 1998. Amsterdam.
Eugene Smith Prize, 1997. New York, USA.
Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation Grant, 1996. Sweden Finalist
International Prize "Juan Carlos King of Spain", 1995.Spain
Mother Jones Grant, 1994. Los Angeles, USA.


While Europe entered an ongoing identity crisis, many Europeans travelled to Lesvos to redefine European identity not by words but by their philanthropic actions. Together, these last volunteers of Lesbos tell the story of a humane response to the greatest quest that Europe has yet to face in the 21st century.
With the ratification of the EU–Turkey Agreement, the refugee crisis reaches a turning point. It also marks the end of the humanitarian commitment of the volunteers in Lesvos, who no longer have access to the official camps.