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Denny Phan (Switzerland)

I’m a 29 year old freelance travel & street photographer based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Always passionate about the way light interacts with the world around us, for me photography presented itself as the ideal medium to capture this fascination. What has started off as a hobby meanwhile became a vital part of my life, reaching from my profession to having a camera tattooed on my arm.  Starting in January 2016 I’ll be traveling for several months through Australian and South East Asia. On this Trip I am fortunate to fully focus on selected travel photography projects. I’m more than excited to kick start this amazing journey with my highly anticipated X-Pro2!


In 2011 Fujifilm first crossed my photographer’s journey with the launch of the iconic X100 that I instantly fell in love with. The classic rangefinder design and manual controls dials allowed me to better connect with the entire picture taking process. Every click of the aperture ring then intensified this bonding and made the X100 (meanwhile X100T) my preferred take everywhere and street camera.  With the launch of the X-T1 back in 2014 Fujifilm had my full attention and I soon after ditched my entire full frame DSLR gear and made the X-T1 my camera of choice. Along with the wide array of fast primes, the X system provides me exactly with the quality and portability I need for my travels.