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Daniel Daeppen (Switzerland)

I have always been interested in art and culture. But the world of photography has opened up to me much later. I am a self taught photographer always in search of my photographic expression and my strength. Only with time the love and admiration for documentary photography has emerged. The positive confrontation with the human condition is very important to me. Therefore I am most comfortable in photographing humans and try to capture moments and stories to provide soulful insights to everydays life. I was born in Switzerland in 68.
German speaking and French thinking.
A chaotic perfectionist.
Down to earth and nature but daydreaming A family man and a bon-vivant
Giving up is not an option. 


I believe that everyday something great can and will happen. I believe that when I walk around open heart-and minded I will see those moments. On one hand I have to be quick to react to them and I also have to slow down to flow within life around me. The X100T gives me just both. The intuitive handling allows me to be fast and gives me the oppor- tunity to slow down for more intense observation. With this camera I have the analog feeling in a digital world and I am discrete and unobtrusive. As an intuitive person the electronic viewfinder gives me the “what you see is what you get” feeling to compose my image as seen in my head. Simply perfect! That the image quality of the X100T is top notch makes it the first choice for everyday, carry around, all purpose camera for me. I never leave my house without.