Bruno Morandi (France)

Bruno Morandi was born in 1959 to a mother from Normandy and a father from Tuscany. As a child, he spent all his summers in his father’s native land, Tuscany. It is clear that these hilly landscapes where the quality of light always reminds us of paintings have influenced his vision as well as his passion for travelling. Later, he studied architecture in Paris and started travelling to Nepal, Pakistan, and India…
Bruno Morandi became a professional photographer in 1990; since then, he has been working on assigments for many magazines such as le Figaro Magazine, Geo France, Geo Allemagne, Grands Reportages, Le Monde etc. He has also published a dozen books with Flammarion including “Toscane Eternelle” and “Tableaux du Rajasthan”. His pictures are distributed by Getty, Corbis and Lightmediation agencies.


I became interested in the new Fuji X Series when the X100 was released. And it turned out to be a great surprise! Apart from its design, I was mostly impressed by the balance between weight, discretion and image quality! I travel a lot, I roam city streets for days, go to the most magnificent locations in the world; consequently, I turned to Fuji in the first place to lighten my bag without compromising on quality. When I use their cameras, I realise that they perfectly match my style; they are fast enough to capture moments of life, and light and colours are faithfully reproduced for superb landscapes… and what’s more, they are discreet and very quiet! I recently started taking aerial shots from a drone and here again, I’m very happy with my lightweight Fuji cameras! After using the X100s, X-E1 and X-Pro1, I will now try the X-T1.


  • X-E2