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Benny Ang (Singapore)

With 13 years of professional bridal photography experience behind him, Benny Ang runs to fulfill his obligations to the couples that sought his vision in conceptualizing their wedding photos. Some of his most memorable shoots happened during destination weddings held in places such as Australia, Bali, Prague, Vienna, Sri Lanka and the States. And when he is not photographing brides, Benny is also busy doing wedding advertorials. Benny's love affair with the FUJIFILM X-Pro1 begun with a wedding assignment in Italy. He already owned a FUJIFILM X10, which he loved for its speed in capturing candid moments. "The manual zoom allowed me precise composition and framing, with excellent performance throughout the versatile zoom range," he said. When the FUJIFILM X-Pro1 was introduced, Benny was immediately attracted to the manual dials and controls that offered quick and direct access to the critical functions, just like traditional cameras.


Never have I imagined the lens I have unboxed will be such a gem! Aesthetically the silver ring gives a sense of class to an ownership of a premium product. It's maximum aperture is also a tat faster than most available of the same zoom range. I coupled the lens to my X-Pro1 and was impressed how it nicely tugged in my bag considering a zoom lens of that range. The ability to inverse mount the hood also adds protection. You will not get to hear the dual steeper motors at work. It's really quiet. The image stabilizer is something to shout about. I am able to execute a shot fully zoomed to 200mm at 1/13th of a sec. It feels as if you are shooting with an invisible camera support. I love to focus manually for the assurance, what I focus turns out sharp. The image magnification on manual focus mode along with the len's image stabilizer is an awesome combination. The excitement escalated as the images were being downloaded. I was amazed how each scene I photographed turned out vivid. The highlights and shadows were accurately reproduced even in tricky lighting conditions. I got great shots at wide open, a stop down the images are more crisp across the field. It was so much fun working out with the lens and quality is beyond expectations! Well done Fujifilm!