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Ioannis Tsouloulis



Inside the bag of the X-Photographer -Ioannis Tsouloulis

"Inside the camera bag of X-Photographer" Series



He grew up in mining area of Limburg, Belgium and had an early interest for photography.

At the age of 9 he bought his first compact camera, followed by his first reflex camera a few years later.

He took photos of everything that fascinated him but his main focus seemed to be 'people'. After his mandatory service in the army he went to school to study photography at the Stedelijke Academie voor Moderne Kunsten in Hasselt, Belgium. 3 years later he moved to Oostende where he finished his course at the Vormingscentrum voor zelfstandigen in Roeselare. His passion for photography remained even though his career had taken a different turn. The passion took the upper hand in 2006 when Ioannis chose to make photography his fulltime job. He made portraits of athletes for Roularta Media Group for some time.

Professionally, he is very active in making spontaneous portraits, but also artistic nude images of clients. He also makes product photos for various manufacturers and also shoots interior photos for real estate firms. His work consists of portraits, artistic nudity and travel photography.

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