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20.03.2020 Fernando Moleres

GF45-100mmF4 "Zoom Ahead" - Fernando Moleres

Fernando Moleres

Bilbao 1963. Depuis plus de 25 ans, je photographie l’actualité liée aux droits de l’homme. Certaines de ces histoires, comme l’exploitation des enfants au travail ou les mineurs en prison devraient être abolies ou, à tout le moins, combattues La photographie documentaire est, pour moi, une attitude qui affirme la vie, un outil qui me permet d’aborder des situations qui me captivent, qui me préoccupent aussi, et m’incitent à participer. Qui plus est en étant photographe ! Je travaille et me plonge dans des sujets qui transcendent le temps présent, mais m’intriguent pour leur expérience et m’exposent à d’autres types de vie. Etre pigiste m’autorise à travailler sur des projets personnels pendant une longue période. Mes reportages photos et archives sont distribuées par des agences photo – Panos et Laif.

Prix et Bourses

  • Tim Hetherington Grant 2012. World Press Photo and Human Watch Rights
  • Lucie Awards 2012, Deeper Perspective Award. Los Angeles, USA.
  • Moving Walls 2012, “Juvenile in prison. Sierra Leone”.
  • World Press Photo 2011, ” Juvenile in prison, Sierra Leone”, Daily life series.
  • POY. Picture of the Year 2011. World Understanding Award. USA
  • 8th Festival Images. Leica Prize. Vevey. Switzerland 2011.
  • Finalist W. Eugene Smith Grant. N.Y.C USA 2011.
  • Luis Valtuena International prize 2010, Spain.
  • World Press Photo 2002 , Burning Man in Art , series.
  • W. Eugene Smith Grant 1999 ( 2* prize) . New York.
  • World Press Photo 1998. ” Child labour” in Daily life series.
  • Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation Grant. Sweden 1996.
  • International Prize Juan Carlos King of Spain. Spain 1995.
  • Mother Jones Grant. Los Angeles, USA 1994.


  • Child Labour, Published by: Peliti (ITA), Braus (GER), Acte Sud (FRA), Lunwerg (ESP). International edition by OIT
  • Uomini Di Dio (ITA),
  • Images de la Foi (FRA),
  • Lives of Devotion (USA & CAN) Published by Rizzoli International,
  • Hombres de Dios Published by La Esfera (ESP).


  • Moving Walls 2013. New York City and Washington
  • Festival Images. Vevey Switzerland. Sept. 2012. Juvenile in prisons, S. Leone
  • IVAM (Art Modem Museum ) May 2012. Juvenile in prisons, S. Leone
  • The Saatchi Gallery, London( feb-2012) collective, Child labour
  • The Sunday Times Magazine 50th Anniversary Photography Exhibition
  • FotoEvidence Gallery, NYC, Oct 2011. Juvenile in prisons. Sierra Leone
  • Newseum, Washington April 2011. Juvenile in prisons. Sierra Leone
  • Visa pour l’image. France. Sept. 2011, Juvenile in prisons, Sierra Leone
  • Expo Photo Month Krakow Poland. June 2008 ,Child labour
  • Fundación Telefónica- Ayto Lima. Peru. May 2008, Child labour
  • Caja Canarias, Tenerife, Febr. 2008. Exodus in Rwanda 1996
  • Side Gallery Newcastle-England Oct-Nov 2005, Child labour
  • Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsinborg Sweden January-Marz 2005, Child labour
  • Noordelicht Photofestival, Holland 2003, Child labour
  • Gallery Dupon, Paris. May-2003. Ethiopian Christians
  • Museum of Pilgrimage, S. Compostela, Spain. 2002, Ethiopian Christians
  • Photo festival de Honfleur. Francia. Mayo 2001. Child labour

Also watch previous projects

Melting Landscapes Project

The Earth, in its natural cycle, should enter into a new glacial period, but man is interfering with the climate and causing a global warming that is so sudden that it is unprecedented in its history.

To finish off the Melting Landscapes project, I have traveled to Antarctica with the highest quality camera around, the FUJIFILM GFX100, a technological wonder.

On board the oceanographic vessel Hespérides, we arrive at the Spanish scientific base, where researchers are conducting their projects. At its facilities, they study: invasive species, variations in cosmic rays, Antarctic plant life, the magnetic field and permafrost, among other projects.

I accompany glaciologist Ricardo from the DINGLAC project, who has 14 years of experience recording field data on Livingston Island. They are studying the dynamic response of glaciers, their changes in mass and speed, which at these Antarctic latitudes are affected by global warming.

The rising sea level is one of the greatest challenges humanity faces over the next few decades. Today, 40% of the world’s population lives in coastal areas.

The International Antarctic Treaty rejects any claim of national sovereignty over Antarctica or its exploitation thus preserving its ecosystems for the future.

The FUJIFILM GFX100 is a large format camera, perfect for fast or documentary photography. It has a resolution of 11600 x 8700 pixels that generates a 102-mega file. This gem, along with a Fujinon GF 45-100 mm 4-aperture lens and 5-axis image stabilizer, allows me to capture the scenes required by my photography method. It is a versatile and powerful zoom that takes maximum advantage of the high-resolution sensor. For me, everything is here, and with top quality.

In the inhospitable and silent landscapes of Antarctica is a refuge that speaks to us of the avoidable.


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