Thomas Menk (Germany)

Thomas Menk is a Fine-art photographer based in Hachenburg, Germany.
Following quote by Dorothea Lange describes Thomas Menk's motive force in Photography with much apropos: "The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." 
Thomas: "I think photography is one way for me to slow down my time and feel again the slowness in a frantic world. What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that is gone forever, impossible to reproduce. My style is simple, reduced, straight and melancholy. I am mostly interested in urban landscape, landscape and travel photography. I like portrait shooting only in real settings not in a studio or clean mise-en-scène situation. I like image processing and the power of non-acceptance of my images :-)"


I shoot exclusively with the X-Pro1 and am amazed by the quality of the images and ease of use every time. Travelling light is an essential ingredient for successful travel or landscape photography. The X-trans image quality, low-light performance and lens sharpness combine to give me better photos than I have captured with any other camera. I love Fujifilm's rebellious philosophy to combine retro-design with cutting edge sensor performance. Photography should be fun and I think Fuji understand the core ideas of what the modern photographer wants in a camera.


  • X-Pro2
  • X-T1
  • XF16mmF1.4 R WR
  • XF23mmF1.4 R
  • XF35mmF1.4 R
  • XF56mmF1.2 R
  • XF10-24mmF4 R OIS
  • XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS