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Supalerk Narubetkraisee (Thailand)

Supalerk Narubetkraisee graduated from Chulalongkorn University (CU) in Photography and Printing Science. During his time in university, he was an active member in CU Photo Club, leading the members in black and white (BW) photography and running the club’s dark room. His area of expertise was black and white photography, in particular the Zone System. In 1990, he won the first prize in BW photography of nation-wide university contest. After graduation, he worked at Laser Graphic 82 Company Bangkok and became a photo journalist for CamerArt Megazine. In 1997, Supalerk became a technical trainer in training department of Fuji Photofilm (Thailand). His responsibility was training company’s sales department and users of Fujifilm cameras. In 2003, when digital photography has been gradually replacing film, Supalerk was leading young photographers in setting up Digital Photography Division in the Royal Photographic Society under the Patronage of HM King Bhumiphol and volunteered to provide several digital photographic courses to public. In 2006, although he resigned from Fujifilm to run his family agricultural business, he still maintains his work in photography by being part-time photojournalist of several magazines and websites. In 2015, Supalerk was partnering with his friends to open ThaiDplus Company, a company that, the largest photographic website in Thailand that provide unbiased technical reviews of camera equipment, blogs, digital media and digital marketing advisory for renowned camera and equipment companies.