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Spyros Catramis (Greece)

My name is Spyros Catramis and I am a greek semi-professional photographer and a law teacher based in Athens. I studied photography at “Atelier Nicéphore”, in Grenoble, France.
In 2010, I attended a Masterclass workshop with “Magnum” photographer Patrick Zachmann.
I was shortlisted at the “Sony World Photography Awards 2010” and won the second prize at the “National Geographic International Contest – Greece” 2008. My photographs have been exhibited in Arles, Dubai, New York and Japan. My work has been published in the “COOPH” website and in the leading greek magazine “PHOTOgraphos” (PHOTOgrapher). I have cooperated with “National Geographic” magazine-Greek edition and the greek magazine “Dance”. I am a contributor photographer of “Getty Images”, “EyeEm” and member of “Lensculture” Community. For me, photography is all about imagination, excitement, inspiration, passion and personal interpretation of reality. I like to observe and point out the detail. I try to discover the invisible. When I feel moved, I just press the shutter button. But it isn't me "taking" the photo; it's rather the photo that is offered to me. A picture only captures the emotions I feel in a fragment of time thereby making that moment eternal.


For many years I was shooting with M Leicas. I bought my FUJIFILM X100S camera in 2013. In the beginning it was just another new camera. But little by little, the more I used it the more I liked it. It became my companion, my eye, my imagination. Every time I pick it up I know I can trust it. I just like street photography and the X100S is just perfect in my hands for street photography. Although it’s undeniable that interchangeable lens cameras are more versatile, this camera gives me the inspiration to experiment and helps me to explore my vision. I realized that to use only one lens is not a limitation, but rather an advantage. In this way I can focus in creativity rather than changing lenses. Nevertheless, I would like to use also different Fujinon lenses and cameras!