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Thomas Leonard (Belgium)

During his communication studies, Thomas regularly illustrated articles in the French language Belgian newspaper Vers l’Avenir. Thanks to this experience he decided to switch studies in order to fully focus on photography.
During 3 years, he studied the theory in evening classes and thanks to a full-time position as trainee with a photographers’ agency he can put this into practice.
Once this traineeship was finished, practice continues in the field with daily assignments for a large number of companies and European institutions. Thomas is eager to meet other professionals and other approaches to photography, but also to further develop his on views and to manage his projects at his pace in full freedom. Therefore he resigns in January 2017 to set up his own business project: YūgenYūgen, a creative agency for visual content. While having an open mind towards all types of commercial photography, Thomas is particularly interested by themes such as architecture and technique. He is also very interested in post-processing


The FUJIFILM X100 et le X-T1 cameras gave Thomas already a very positive feeling to shoot easy subjects, in his free time. The vintage look, the ease of use and the discrete approach of these cameras instictively put him on a creative route.
So when he quit his job, the choice of material was a natural for him. He bought 2 FUJIFILM X-T2, 3 fixed lenses, 3 zooms and the EF-X500 flash.
Today, Thomas is more than happy with his choice which allows him to realise pictures and videos of excellent quality, without the burden of heavy gear. Thomas spends less time on technical worries and hence has more time to focus on the beautiful things and exceptional moments around him to photograph.
His prefered lenses are XF16mmF1.4, XF35mmF1.4 and XF56mmF1.2 thanks to their lightweight, their big aperture and excellent optical quality.