4K Movie Shooting

Support for shooting high quality 4K movies at 29.97 fps with a quality of 100Mbps. Also supports authentic movie shooting, allowing for the external microphone inputs and HDMI monitor output. Film simulation can also be selected even during 4K movie shooting, allowing users to enjoy a variety of video expressions.

Advanced Filters

Apply various filter effects to create unique images. 8 effects are available, including Toy Camera for a retro look, Miniature for a diorama effect, Pop Color for high contrast and saturation, as well as High Key, Low Key, Dynamic Tone, Soft Focus and Partial Color (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple). All effects can be previewed as you shoot on the LCD screen.

Dynamic Tone

Partial Color (Green)

TOY CAMERACreate shaded borders as taken by toy cameras, creating a nostalgic effect
MINIATURECreate top and bottom blur for diorama effect
POP COLOREmphasize contrast and color saturation
HIGH-KEYEnhance brightness and reduce contrast to lighten tone reproduction
LOW-KEYCreate uniformly dark tones with few areas of emphasized highlights
DYNAMIC TONECreate fantasy effect by dynamically-modulated tone reproduction
SOFT FOCUSCreate a look that is evenly soft throughout the whole image
Retain selected original color and other areas change to monochrome

Included Flash

A stylish guide number 8 clip-on flash adds to the great design of the camera.

Auto Bracketing

Capable of taking multiple patterns of photos with a single release, the auto bracketing supports 5 different varieties of bracketing, including the standard AE bracketing.

Multiple Exposures

The FUJIFILM X-E3 allows you to combine two frames for an artistic effect. The first shot is displayed on the LCD monitor so it can be seamlessly blended with the second frame.


Pan the camera using the on-screen guide to shoot several frames and the FUJIFILM X-E3 will merge them into an amazing panoramic image. You can choose between “L” for a 180-degree shot and “M” for a 120-degree shot.