Sandra Hernandez (Mexico)

Sandra Hernández is a Mexican-Canadian architect and photographer. Her passion for the urban theme and its daily life has led her to explore the cities from these two disciplines whose practice is closely linked: one complements the other. With photography she captures and analyzes the world and its context; through architecture she transforms it.

A camera travels with her since she was six years old: photography is her first love. She is a stroller, a flâneuse with an acute curiosity, hunting the beauty that one usually overlooks. Her work is a tribute to everyday life.

She is La Carrera Panamericana’s official photographer and has been Huawei’s ambassador who selected her along with other photographers from around the world to participate in the “The City, the Self” campaign. Her photographs and texts have been included on different publications such as Citadina (Mexico), Límulus (Mexico), Nagari (United States), World Street Photography (Germany), Short Street Stories (Italy), among others. In parallel, she is a contributor to the Diario de Querétaro where she writes a column of photography, travel and architecture, and a lecturer professor at the School of Architecture, Art and Design of Tec de Monterrey.

In recent years some of her images have won awards and mentions in international photography competitions such as the renowned International Photography Awards (Honorable Mention in 2016 and 2019), StreetFoto San Francisco (2019 finalist) and Short Street Stories Trieste (finalist 2019). She has participated in different individual and collective photographic exhibitions in cultural venues in Querétaro, San Miguel de Allende, San Francisco, Trieste, Île-de-France and Shanghai.

Since 2015 she leads the multidisciplinary firm Vita Flumen and in recent months she has started a project called Urban Observers whose mission is to document the urban narrative through street photography. She divides her time between Mexico and Quebec when she is not traveling working on a project.

Sandra Hernandez (Mexico)Oh Canada
Sandra Hernandez (Mexico)
Oh Canada
Sandra Hernandez (Mexico)I left my heart in…
Sandra Hernandez (Mexico)
I left my heart in…
Sandra Hernandez (Mexico)Guatemala 2020
Sandra Hernandez (Mexico)
Guatemala 2020
Sandra Hernandez (Mexico)Flâneuse (Francia 2019)
Sandra Hernandez (Mexico)
Flâneuse (Francia 2019)