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28.05.2020 Palle Schultz

Be Creative: Palle Schultz x X-T4 Video Feature Review

Palle Schultz

Palle Schultz is a professional photographer, filmmaker and musician based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
He is a multi-disciplinarian whose commissions include portraiture, performance, sport, architecture, music and product photography. His filmmaking commissions span artist features, music videos and performance pieces.
His wide ranging abilities come from being somewhat obsessed with knowing his tools inside-out. He confesses to being well prepared – some would call it nerdy – in learning about his cameras, often committing new models’ manuals to memory even before the cameras themselves reach his hands. While an unconventional approach to new tools, this allows him great freedom in maximizing his cameras’ potential.
Palle’s discipline in his approach to photography and filmmaking is evident in the precision evident in his photos and films – attention is given to the smallest details, which are tuned to perfection. He gives back to the community by volunteering his services to up-and-coming MMA fighters, dancers and other artists – who often do not have the funds to engage a professional photographer. He helps them get the best images to help them garner opportunities for positive exposure, and finds it very much of a pleasure to follow their careers as they develop. In return, this affords him a platform to explore his own craft in within different environments, with people from all walks of life. 

X-Photographer Palle Schultz from Denmark reviews the X-T4 video features and explains system expansion with third party equipments.