See. Frame. Create.

Enjoy photography in its purest form with Fujifilm’s X100 Series digital cameras.
Using a timeless dial-based design, passed down from model to model,
the stunning 6th-generation X100VI offers an indulgent, tactile image-making experience
that delivers unforgettable content in every creative moment.

The One and Only

However you want to create content, the light, portable X100VI will always be ready. Compose using the versatile hybrid viewfinder, flip out the detailed LCD to work at waist level, or preset settings and trust your instincts. Whatever your creative style, this camera ensures no moment is missed.

Elegant Design

A design that inspires and motivates, X100VI’s aluminum top-plate, machined dials and tactile exterior encourage creativity every time you pick it up. Offered in Silver and Black finishes as standard, a limited edition version of X100VI celebrating Fujifilm’s 90th anniversary will also be available.

IBIS 6.0 stops

Light Weight, High Performance

When light is low and stakes are high, X100VI’s newly developed in-body image stabilization (IBIS) system keeps images sharp and videos stable. The five-axis IBIS mechanism offers up to 6.0* stops of compensation, yet maintains the X100 Series’ characteristic compactness and portability.

  • *up to 6.0 stops are available when using the LCD or EVF features.

The Ultimate Design for Analog Operation

Echoing classic film camera design, the dials on the top-plate of X100VI combine essential functionality with creative freedom. View or change camera settings at any time, with shutter speed, aperture, and ISO controls all instantly accessible – just as they were on X100V.

LCD 1.62 million dots

Flat Two-way Tilting LCD

Confidently compose and view images using X100VI’s two-way tilting LCD. Featuring 1.62 million dots for color accuracy and detail, the LCD stores flat against the body to maintain the perfect profile. Framing is now even easier with 45° screen tilt available when holding the camera at high angles.

EVF,OVF,Electronic Range Finder

Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder

Frame images your way using X100VI’s hybrid viewfinder. Switch between the EVF, showing what the sensor sees, and OVF, which also shows what’s outside the frame. An OVF Image Display option allows you to view an image after it has been made, either at full screen or in the corner of the viewfinder.

Cutting-Edge Image Quality

©Shohei Sawada

©Parker Fitzgerald

©Josh Lam

©Parker Fitzgerald

©Mr Whisper

©Annika and Mathias Koch

©Parker Fitzgerald

©Penny De Los Santos


The optically precise 23mmF2 lens, borrowed from the X100V, perfectly complements the 40.2-megapixel sensor, delivering edge-to-edge sharpness across the frame.

X-Trans CMOS 5 HR

High-resolution 40.2MP
BSI imaging sensor

X100VI’s high-resolution, 40.2-megapixel X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor has an enhanced image-processing algorithm that boosts resolution without compromising signal-to-noise ratio.

X-Processor 5

Twice the processing
speed of X-Processor 4

AI processing

Next generation HEIF
image file format

Reduced power


The 20 Film Simulation modes offered by X100VI, including the new REALA ACE mode, harness 90 years of Fujifilm color science, digitally replicating the look of classic photographic film stocks. Reproduce the classic colors and tones Fujifilm is renowned for, or add artistic flair and start to BUILD YOUR LEGACY.

©Josh Edgoose


Based on ACROS, a monochrome film renowned for super-fine grain, this Film Simulation mode delivers rich shadow details and excellent sharpness, while still adding grain at high ISOs, and recreating the stunning textured feel of monochrome.

©Parker Fitzgerald

PRO Neg. Hi

Based on PRO160NH, a color negative film for professionals, this Film Simulation mode has slightly harder tonal gradation than PRO Neg. Std. It is mainly used in portrait photography where the lighting is not easily controlled. It provides the right amount of shadows even under flat lighting.

©Josh Edgoose


Based on FUJICHROME ASTIA, a reversal film designed for fashion portraits, this Film Simulation mode prioritizes soft and faithful reproduction of skin tones, while also depicting vivid blue skies and greenery.



Based on FUJICHROME PROVIA, a reversal film designed for professional use, this Film Simulation mode is great for all subject types, offering a neutral color reproduction.

©Parker Fitzgerald


This Film Simulation mode is designed to reproduce a look similar to documentary magazines of the 20th century. Its low-saturation and hard tonal gradation in shadows make it a perfect choice for documentary photography with a touch of realism.

©Chu Viet Ha


Designed to recreate the look of images in old photo albums, NOSTALGIC Neg. produces images with rich colors in the shadows – and a soft tonality through the midtones and highlights.

©Shohei Sawada


Based on SUPERIA, a color negative film loved by generations of photographers, this Film Simulation mode provides high-contrast tonal gradation. It adds depth and definition to colors by adjusting their shades in highlights and shadows, while reducing saturation.

©Shohei Sawada


Based on ETERNA, a film designed for motion pictures, this Film Simulation mode minimizes saturation to ensure no color overpowers another. It provides extremely soft tonal gradation in highlights, and deep shadows to prevent clipping, reproducing a cinematic look.

©Josh Edgoose


Based on REALA ACE, this 20th Film Simulation combines faithful color reproduction with hard tonality, making it suitable for all subjects and situations.

©Parker Fitzgerald


Based on FUJICHROME Velvia, an ultra-vivid reversal film designed for professionals, this Film Simulation mode provides richer and more high-contrast colors than the PROVIA/STANDARD. It is a favorite of landscape photographers.

Add extra options to your image-making journey by combining X100VI’s unique Film Simulation modes with other creative features. Use analog effects such as film grain, or boost color depth, clarity, or sharpness to elevate your images, and take full control of highlight and shadow tones to dramatically expand your creative palette. A truly bespoke photographic adventure awaits.

Grain effect

From subtle textures to the gritty look of traditional high-ISO film stocks, with X100VI you can easily add natural-looking grain to your photos. Control the strength and size for just the right amount of texture on any image.

©Shohei Sawada

Colour chrome effect

For highly-saturated subjects, Color Chrome Effect adds depth, detail, and vibrancy in three strengths to red, green, or yellow tones where detail may otherwise be lost. Or use Color Chrome FX Blue to boost the blue tones in an image.

©Shohei Sawada

Subject Detection Autofocus

X100VI uses X-Processor 5’s subject detection AF to accurately track a range of subjects. Built using deep-learning AI technology, it detects animals, birds, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, trains, insects, and drones.*

  • *SUBJECT DETECTION SETTING to be set to BIRD for insect detection, and to AIRPLANE for detecting drones.
©Khalil Ramos

Updated AF algorithm

X100VI incorporates an impressive autofocus prediction algorithm for reliable focusing even when recording continuously moving subjects. Autofocus enhancements are most notable in Zone AF and low-contrast situations.

©Kevin Mullins

ISO 125 Standard Sensitivity

The X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor in X100VI has a more light-efficient pixel structure. A setting of ISO 125, which on the prior model, X100V was only an extended sensitivity option, is now available natively on the X100VI.

©Shohei Uda

S/N Level / Low-Light Power

The high-resolution 40.2-megapixel X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor has an enhanced image-processing algorithm that boosts resolution without compromising the signal-to-noise ratio. Astonishing image quality is in the palm of your hand.

©Mr Whisper


6.2K/30p 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording

X100VI offers advanced video performance in a compact, lightweight body. Create movies up to 6.2K internally at 30p in 4:2:2 10-bit color. 4K/60p and high-speed 1080/240p are also available, maximizing video flexibility.

Improved Subject Tracking

Track subjects in your videos with ease. Select AF-C mode with Wide/Tracking AF, then simply touch the subject on the rear LCD. X100VI will track the object, even in situations where multiple subjects appear in the frame.

Compatible with Frame.io Camera to Cloud

X100VI supports Frame.io Camera to Cloud natively. No accessary needed integration for Frame.io and deliver photos or video straight to the cloud the moment after they are created.

Rich System Expandability


Accessorize the X100VI with optional extras. The lightweight AR-X100 adapter ring is machined from metal and allows 49mm filters to be attached. The PRF-49 offers reassuring protection for the 23mmF2 lens.

  • *Attach the AR-X100/LH-X100 adapter ring (designed exclusively for X100 Series), then attach the filter.


Using the AR-X100 and PRF-49 together make the X100VI weather-resistant. The combination confidently repels dust, moisture, and temperatures down to 0°C (32°F) , so you can keep creating in more challenging conditions.

Wide Conversion Lens WCL-X100II

A dedicated Wide Conversion Lens* that multiplies the fixed focal length by approximately 0.8x, without any discernible drop in image quality. Once attached, it converts the 23mmF2 lens to 28mm (35mm format equivalent).

  • *Lens sold separately.

Tele Conversion Lens TCL-X100II

A dedicated Tele Conversion Lens* that multiplies the fixed focal length by approximately 1.4x, without any discernible drop in image quality. Once attached, it converts the 23mmF2 lens to 50mm (35mm format equivalent).

  • *Lens sold separately.


To get closer to a subject, the Digital Teleconverter crops in on the sensor, while still delivering sharp, high-resolution results. Two magnifications are available: 1.4x and 2x, providing extra framing options as required.

  • *The Digital Teleconverter does not operate in all available modes.

Built-in ND Filter

Ideal for stills and video use, X100VI has a four-stop ND filter built into the lens. It helps deliver a wide aperture in bright conditions to separate the subject from the background, or extends shutter speeds to emphasize movement.

Li-ion battery NP-W126S

X100VI is supplied with the NP-W126S rechargeable li-ion battery. Despite the extra functions available on the camera, the battery life remains approximately 450* frames; the same level as that of the previous model, X100V.

  • *In Economy mode.

Lens Hood LH-X100

Cut down the chances of lens flare and glare degrading images by attaching the optional LH-X100*. The lens hood effectively blocks the sun or other light sources to boost image quality and maximize detail.

  • *AR-X100 is included with LH-X100.

UHS-I Single Card Slot

The single SD card slot on X100VI keeps image storage simple. Working with SD, SDHC, and SDXC media, the slot is also UHS-I compatible.

Support for FUJIFILM Xapp

X100VI is compatible with the FUJIFILM XApp, offering extended functionality and simple image transfer. Files can be shared between camera and smartphone quickly, while the app also allows the camera to be operated remotely.

FUJIFILM’s Color Science

20 Years, 20 Film Simulations

Digital cameras took over the know-how of film image quality design that had been pursued since the company’s founding.This is the film simulation that was born in 2004. It offers the same surprises and discoveries as when shooting with film, stimulating the photographer’s imagination and expanding the possibilities of photography.

Model Name FUJIFILM X100VI
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