What Camera to Cloud can do

Secure. Powerful. Simple.
The Creative Toolkit You Need

Securely connect to Frame.io then send files directly from the camera to the cloud and collaborate, review, and approve from anywhere in the world.

Get Connected in Seconds

Instantly establish a secure connection from camera to cloud and start creating.

Seamlessly Transmit Your Files

Send still and video files to the cloud as you work, or at a time you choose.

Maximize Efficiency With Real-Time Edits

Collaborators can quickly get to work editing your files, minimizing any delays.

Share the Results for Fast Feedback

Share review-ready finalized files to invite comments and collaboration.


Powered by Frame.io

Share. Comment. Refine.
Work smarter, from anywhere


One Secure Hub for All Your Files

Frame.io stores files of any type, ready for sharing with stakeholders. All comments are logged for easy reference making it the ultimate collaboration hub.

Clear Communication With Collaborators

Any comments added to files are viewed in context, with highlighting tools on hand to pinpoint specifics. Accuracy improves, ambiguity vanishes.

Keep the Conversation Going

See what was said, by who, then reply right alongside to refine and perfect. Your files will be signed off in no time, ready for final delivery.


Reassuring reliability

Safe. Fast. Flexible.
Class-Leading Security Standards


Safeguarding Your Creativity

Authenticate GFX100 II, X-H2S or X-H2* to any paid Frame.io account and securely transfer files to the cloud with full TPN+ and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant encryption.

*Compatible firmware and an active internet connection are required to connect and authenticate with Frame.io. FT-XH File Transmitter also required for X-H2S or X-H2.

Select and Share Stills

Automatically send JPEG, HEIF or RAW files to Frame.io for collaborators to access. Or select, prioritize, and send files for immediate post-production work.

Take the Wait Out of Video Edits

Transmit Apple ProRes Proxy files and get bandwidth-efficient, high-quality files into Frame.io that can be used immediately, then updated easily when it’s time to finish and deliver.


Post-production process

Import. Edit. Export.
Seamless Software Compatibility


Work Directly in Capture One

Bring RAW files into Capture One, then edit and output ready for sharing, all without leaving the cloud.

Integrate With Your Favorite Apps

Frame.io offers compatibility with dozens of apps, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro, to speed up and simplify workflow.

Start Using Camera to Cloud

With These Compatible Fujifilm Cameras



Offers a world’s first, native integration for Camera to Cloud. Utilize the built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet LAN connection options to connect to Frame.io and deliver detail-rich 102MP images, send H.264 video proxies, or upload 4K ProRes video.



Offering power, control, and versatility, this 26.1-megapixel model offers the perfect solution for hybrid creatives looking to create outstanding photos and video content.


FT-XH File Transmitter

Attaches to the base of X-H2S to enable high-speed wireless file transfer direct to the cloud.



A portable, compact, high resolution powerhouse, this 40.2-megapixel body is the essential choice for those focused on delivering stunning images, packed with detail.


FT-XH File Transmitter

Attaches to the base of X-H2S to enable high-speed wireless file transfer direct to the cloud.