X-S10’s advanced autofocus uses densely arranged phase detection pixels and advanced algorithms to achieve best-in-class autofocus. Reaching blistering speeds and working across the frame, X-S10 ensures you’re perfectly equipped to frame every opportunity.

■AF speed

With its X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and X Processor 4 image processing engine combining to produce best-in-class autofocus performance, X-S10 performs beautifully with either face detection or subject tracking enabled. It also offers AF speed equivalent to that of other high-performance X Series Mirrorless Cameras*, reaching an incredible 0.02 secs. No matter the situation, X-S10’s AF can track and hold the most difficult of moving subjects with tenacious speed, or lock onto an individual’s face with wonderfully intelligent anticipation.
* X-T4, X-Pro3

■Face/Eye AF

When photographing moving subjects, or while using a shallow depth-of-field, you can confidently rely on X-S10 to keep the subject’s face or eyes in focus and track them with precision, so you don’t miss a moment. When it’s time to record video, let X-S10 focus on keeping the subject sharp, so you can focus on the story.

■Tracking AF

AF speed and performance doesn’t let up when it comes to other subjects. The AF algorithm detects shapes and colors to identify subjects and keep them in focus with high-speed tracking performance. Simply activate focus with a half-press of the shutter button and X-S10 will smoothly and accurately track them as they move around the frame.

■Low-Light AF

Do you need to make photos in very dark interiors or low-light situations outdoors? X-S10’s Intelligent Hybrid Phase Detection autofocus system delivers sharp and clear results. With a sensitivity of up to -7EV*, autofocus can be used even in nighttime conditions where other cameras might struggle.
*When XF50mmF1.0 R WR lens is attached

■Improved AE/AF Algorithm for AUTO/SP

From passing landscapes to fleeting portrait moments, when using AUTO or SP mode with Pre-AF enabaled, X-S10’s new autofocus algorithm automatically recognizes different subjects and scenes providing enhanced focusing speed, accuracy, and performance.

■MF Assist

There are plenty of times when focusing manually is required and X-S10 offers three, superb MF Assist functions to help. Focus Peak emphasizes in-focus areas on screen, while Digital Split Image and Digital Microprism recreate the visual focusing tools from classic cameras, letting you use them as a guide to adjust sharpness.

Image Stabilization

X-S10 may use a downsized In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS) module, but it doesn’t compromise on performance. Despite being smaller in volume and weight by an amazing 30%*, when compared to X-T4’s IBIS, this newly developed and highly compact unit still offers up to six stops of stabilization!
Smooth video and sharper stills are certainly on the horizon with this compact system, which is also the first X Series mid-range camera to use a motion sensor retention mechanism. This shock absorber guards against slight vibrations that may come from the shutter unit, adding another level of stability to ensure that image clarity and resolution are maintained.
As with other IBIS-enabled X Series camera bodies, when used with OIS system lenses, X-S10 will also synchronize with the lens to provide enhanced stabilization performance.

High-Speed Continuous Framing

With fast-moving subjects, keeping up with the action is totally possible between X-S10’s 8 frames per second mechanical shutter or its Electronic Shutter (ES) which can make images at approximately 20 frames per second. For those moments that simply cannot be missed, ES can achieve up to 30 frames per second with a slight crop to the view.

© Wladimir Simitch

Silent Shutter

X-S10’s Electronic Shutter (ES) isn’t just about speed, it also allows you to create photos in complete silence. Perfect for moments when you need to be discrete, ES mode lets you make pictures in museums, art galleries, weddings, and even your children’s concerts without worrying about the sound of the shutter. It also works hand-in-hand with Continuous-Low and Continuous-High Drive settings, so you won’t miss a picture in any situation.

Versatile Pop-Up Flash

To give you more lighting options, X-S10 is equipped with a high-performance Super i-Flash, which lets you make beautiful photos just as you see them. The camera automatically controls flash power to give even and natural-looking results, full of contrast and detail.

Frame to Perfection

When composing via X-S10’s electronic viewfinder, the camera’s high-definition 2.36 million dot display provides a clear and detailed view, with instant feedback on exposure and other settings. Using Boost mode, the EVF’s frame rate can also be increased to a maximum of 100fps, letting you effortlessly follow fast-moving subjects with ease through the viewfinder.