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Ljubisa Danilovic

I started working as a photographer for local authorities and then cooperated with French and foreign magazines for ten years or so. During this period, I travelled to India, the United States and Africa. In 2001, I was fortunate to join a small team of photojournalists from the magazine division of the Boomerang Agency led by Patrick Chauvel. We continued working together afterwards; I learned much from him, but I lost interest in the rhythm of the assignments for the press. Working only for a few weeks – or a few months at best – did not suit me anymore. I gradually developed a more personal way of writing, half way between documentaries and photographic essays. Today, I continue my work as an author and also shoot multimedia movies for companies and foundations. I have taught at several photography workshops, including "Milk Photography Masterclass", which I created with my colleague, Sabrina Biancuzzi, and during the Arles Photography Festival (Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles). I have just finished working on a project which I started in 2006 – "Le Désert russe" will be published by Éditions Lamaindonne in September 2015. I’m now focusing my attention on the eastern region of the Balkans. I’m fascinated by narrative photography, which I found much more interesting and relevant than just creating a beautiful image for itself. I enjoy editing my images to tell intimate stories with "classical" media such as books, but I also love exploring the narrative opportunities of screens, whether they are small, big or touch screens.