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Capturing the beauty of everyday memories is Adrian Murray’s specialty. So, when he received X100V he was very excited to give it a try. His idea was to keep it with him while spending quality time with his family and see how well it could capture the remarkable in everyday life.


“My latest set of imagery was recording typical family outings,” says Adrian. “In this set, there is a trip to the family cabin where we built a hill for sledding and dug out some tunnels made of snow, along with some of the family hanging out in the backyard by the firepit.”


He goes on to talk about how, for him, times like these are the most important. “There’s nothing more precious than time – the everyday moments in our lives that we might take for granted hold myriad stories just waiting to be remembered,” he opines.

After getting to know the camera, it became apparent to Adrian that despite retaining the same great looks as previous X100 cameras, X100V has a load of new and improved features, including some firsts for the X100 series. He particularly notes the two-way tilting LCD touchscreen, the optional weather-resistance that is available by adding a protection filter, and the ability to record professional-quality video.


“Something I definitely loved was the flip screen, along with being able to take it out into the elements and not worry too much,” he reveals. “I also really enjoyed the video upgrades they threw in. Having the ability to shoot 4K/30p or Full HD/120p on this little point and shoot is awesome.”


As well as fitting perfectly into Adrian’s family time, it’s an ideal addition to the FUJIFILM family, according to the photographer. “It’s a FUJIFILM camera. I mean, there’s a reason why I use its systems,” he smiles. “I love the ability to put my settings where I think they’ll be before I even turn on the camera. I love that I can manipulate just about any part of the recording process without taking the camera away from my eye. That’s what makes these systems so great.”

Adrian concludes by telling us how he thinks X100V’s size, power, and versatility makes it perfect for everyone, from professional photographers to those just starting out in photography. “I would recommend this to just about any photographer who’s lugging around a DSLR/full-frame/medium format for casual trips. It offers excellent imagery capabilities in something that can slip inside some jacket pockets,” he says. “I’d also recommend it for anyone who wants a ‘real camera’ but is afraid to ditch the phone. Mirrorless cameras offer a great learning experience.”


Overall, X100V has certainly made a good impression, with Adrian listing a few of his favorite things: “I think it’s an excellent update to an already excellent camera. I love how the lens renders things, the bokeh still has its own flare, which I appreciate, the weather-resistance is awesome, and the flip screen is incredibly nice to have,” he concludes. “This camera is an excellently designed tool.”


X100V is now available to buy across the USA. Read the full specifications here, or contact your nearest FUJIFILM Authorized Dealer.

It offers excellent imagery capabilities in something that can slip inside some jacket pockets

About The Photographer

Adrian Murray’s trademark fine-art style has earned him a huge social media following and strong reputation as a commercial and lifestyle photographer.


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