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For Chris Knight, the most important thing in a camera is ease of use. He believes that an image-making tool should facilitate creativity, not stand in the way of it. “I want to be able to pick up a camera, find out where the basic controls are, and get to work,” says Chris, adding that this is not only the reason why he loves FUJIFILM X100V, but also the inspiration behind his latest project.


“Inspired by the spontaneity and the movement that this camera tends to reward, the team and I visited several spots around New York over the course of one day to find something special in the everyday,” he tells us.

For this type of fast-paced shoot, Chris understands the importance of choosing the right tool. “In New York, I’m often in the studio or at a location where there’s tons of control. Other times, I need to get outside and be quick, inconspicuous, and travel light, so it’s always about the tool that’s right for the job,” he explains. “On this shoot, we bopped around all day, were in and out of any place within a few minutes, and X100V made sure we never needed to slow down."


Indeed, X100V was the perfect camera for a shoot of this type, but for Chris, this camera is more than just a tool, it’s a pleasure. When describing his experiences with X100V, he praised a number of standout features, including the 1.62 million dot tilting touchscreen LCD, leaf shutter, and the powerful quad-core X-Processor 4.


“It really is just an absolute joy to use,” he enthuses. “The leaf shutter is terrific when shooting outside with a flash and things like the tilting touchscreen, faster guts, and sharper 23mmF2 lens make it even better.”


The newly updated Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder also struck a chord with Chris. “It is just an absolute winner for me. Being able to switch between optical viewfinder (OVF) and electronic viewfinder (EVF) is so useful. I still love an OVF generally speaking, but the EVF on this is stunning,” he reveals.

Chris believes that finding the remarkable in the everyday is something that anyone can do, they just need to be in the right frame of mind. “Everyone sees their day differently. It’s through how we choose to photograph that makes an everyday moment remarkable,” he says. “Creativity is a muscle – so is finding stories in what’s around you. Some people are naturally gifted storytellers and can do it easily. Others need to go to a new place for a fresh perspective.


“We’re often too close to our own lives to realize that there are interesting things all around us. Once you can realize that, it opens up a world that you never knew was there.”


As an existing FUJIFILM user, we wanted to ask Chris if X100V had changed the way he shoots – his answer was emphatic. “Not at all – and that’s the point. It works how it should,” he smiles. “It’s easy, fast, adorable (if that matters to you), and just lets you photograph in the moment.”


And when asked for his overall thoughts, he is quick to recommend. “The X100 series has always been one of my favorite ranges out there. X100V is no different. This camera is a great evolution of something I already loved. It’s unobtrusive, fast, and effective,” he says, concluding with: “10/10. Would photograph again.”


X100V is now available to buy across the USA. Read the full specifications here, or contact your nearest FUJIFILM Authorized Dealer.

Everyone sees their day differently. It’s through how we choose to photograph that makes an everyday moment remarkable

About The Photographer

Chris Knight is a photographer, author, and instructor whose skill in fashion and portraiture has earned him a solid reputation in the industry and seen his work published in a long list of national and international publicatons.


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