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“I love telling stories and putting together narratives. The camera is like a passport that allows me into people’s lives,” says Xyza Cruz Bacani, who used X-Pro3 on a project photographing Hong Kong-based designer and sustainable fashion advocate, Gloria Yu.


She tells us how the project was as much a journey of discovery for her as it is for her audience. “I’m a huge fan of Gloria Yu. Aside from her beauty, she educated me about sustainability,” says Xyza. “Visually, photographing her is a joy because her face registers well in the camera, but she is more than that. I really love her advocacy of fashion sustainability, because climate change is one of the biggest risks to humanity.”


Indeed, this act of raising awareness of such important issues is the driving force behind Xyza’s work. “It’s a privilege to be able to capture the world through my photography,” she explains, “and by being aware of that privilege, I feel it is important to use photography to do more than just create content. It should also be used as a platform for good.”

Xyza goes on to talk about how important a role photography plays in recording events in a world that is changing so rapidly, believing it is a reminder for us to stop and look deeper while we document. Consequently, she was pleased to learn that this immersion in her work was something X-Pro3 encouraged.


“Aside from the 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, powerful X-Processor 4, and awesome phase-detection autofocus, I really enjoyed the hidden tilting LCD touchscreen,” reveals Xyza. “I find my inspiration from individuals who are pursuing their passion like Gloria and removing the distraction of a full screen while shooting meant I was able to focus on connecting with her while we were in session.”

As a life-long fan of the X-Pro series, X-Pro3 immediately felt familiar in Xyza’s hands, and while the hidden LCD touchscreen reminded her of the analog days, the camera’s outstanding performance spoke of cutting-edge technology.


“Due to time constraints and bad light, this was a fast-paced shoot, but X-Pro3’s sensor and processor combination meant images were quickly and smoothly processed while we worked,” she says. This on-the-move convenience was strengthened by the camera’s lightweight and extremely durable titanium body, which made transportation a breeze.


Another way X-Pro3 helped Xyza overcome the challenges of the project was with its color reproduction, which Fujifilm has spent more than 85 years perfecting. “I always say FUJIFILM cameras made me fall in love with colors again,” she tells us. “The unparalleled color reproduction and Film Simulation modes helped me create these moody portraits of Gloria in her element.
“I love the photo of Gloria with the reflections. The light was terrible during that hour, but with Fujifilm’s unique Film Simulation modes, I was able to achieve a classic, timeless look.”


Xyza’s overall thoughts on X-Pro3 are that it helps her concentrate on the story, and not the camera. “X-Pro3 is a durable, lightweight camera that makes me focus on creating the content, immerses me in the moment, and helps me connect more to the person I’m photographing,” she says.


All this comes together to help her achieve her ultimate goal: “I hope my images can be used for something that is bigger than me, bigger than just taking photographs.”

I hope my images can be used for something that is bigger than me, bigger than just taking photographs.

About The Photographer

Xyza Cruz Bacani’s often hard-hitting stories are designed to raise awareness of under-reported global issues and have earned her a place as a Magnum Foundation Photography and Social Justice Fellow.


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