X-H2: Short film "Cinematic 8K" x Yusuke Okawa

X-H2 Impression

Hello. I am Yusuke Okawa, board member of TranSe Ink. and a video creator based in Japan. I have used the FUJIFILM X-H2 to capture a variety of landscapes, experiences, and subjects. Although some shootings have been postponed due to the weather, I shot in many different situations such as natural environments and activities, and portraits to appeal the uniqueness of the X-H2.

Impressions of the Hardware

As in this piece, the concept of “capturing the moment” is essential throughout the production of my artwork.

There are times when I shoot well prepared, or other times I would improvise. Since it is important for me to shoot in response to each situation, I was surprised at the mobility of the X-H2 that can handle whatever the situation calls for.

When using a new camera, it is not always easy to get used to it, and its difficulty in handling the camera often arise. However, despite its compact body, the X-H2 has a large grip that reinforces the grip, and its intuitive controllability made it easy for me to adjust to the camera than I expected. I was able to capture the perfect shot from the very first scene.

In my case, I often not only post video but also photographic content on social media, so being able to shift easily from video to still mode is very useful.

7 Stops In-body Image Stabilization

Cinematic shooting is always a battle against time. During this shoot, there were times when the sun was about to set in 5 minutes. There was no time to put the camera on the gimbal, so I needed to shoot hand-held. The in-body image stabilization was stunningly powerful, so I was able to create a smooth image even without the gimbal.

However, smooth images are not always the right answer, it depends on the scene and method of expression. By turning the image stabilization function On/Off, we were able to generate just the right amount of turbulence to emphasize a sense of realism and expand the range of expression.

Quality of 8K Video

The 8K shooting function of the X-H2 provides a high degree of freedom for video creators and enhances one’s level of artistic expression.

The ability to record the stunning scenery in front of your eyes in high resolution makes it possible to deliver footage that accurately portrays what the human eyes see. Another advantage of recording in 8K is that you can freely adjust the size of the footage without losing the image quality when creating a 4K film, which doubles the range of editorial adjustments.

“Fujifilm’s Colors” in Film Production

For this project, I used the F-log & F-log2 for color grading, and I was amazed by the beauty of the colors even by the preview from the LCD monitor. Within shooting a video, it is much harder to be impressed by the resolution compared to photography, however I was deeply moved with the color reproduction of the X-H2.

The wide dynamic range and rich range of shadows and highlights allowed incredibly effortless color grading, even in sunset scenes.

In addition, I used the ProRes codec when shooting motocross, which provided rich 10bit color representation and a more convenient editing process.

Autofocus performance

If you need to use manual focus, or if the AF performance is weak for video production, it will be difficult to obtain your ideal composition because the shooting range will be limited.

I wasn’t sure how well X-H2 is capable for tracking a quick-moving subject, but as you can see in the video, the results were quite reassuring. I was able to shoot without any worries.

I was impressed not only by its ability to take beautiful high-resolution images, but also by its capability to capture fast-moving subjects.

About XF Lenses

I used several interchangeable lenses for this project, and in particular, the XF18-120mm zoom lens became the main choice for this shoot. I also shot activities that were difficult to physically approach, and even in activities such as surfing and wakeboarding that are intense and difficult to track, the high zoom and excellent AF performance made it possible to instantly capture distant subjects and find the perfect composition for every shot.


Normally, I would expect the camera body to suffer some sort of damage when shooting in such active situations. However, thanks to the X-H2’s dustproof, drip-proof, and -10℃ low-temperature resistant configuration has proven itself to be a reliable camera that can withstand such harsh situations. There was no thermal runaway in this midsummer shooting, but with a cooling fan that is available as an accessory, it will be safer for those who shoot over a long period of time.

No words needed. If you look at my works, you will understand everything that X-H2 has to offer.

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