05.29.2017 Rommel Bundalian

The 4th X100 by Rommel Bundalian

Rommel Bundalian

Highly experienced in both Film and Digital Photography
Specialization in 360 VR Photography / Travel Photography
Street Photography remain my first love in photography
Member of World Wide Panorama 
Contributing Photographer of 360Cities 
Faculty Member of PCCI (Philippine Center for Creative Imaging)
Jan 2012 – Present Creative Director / Photographer – Imageworkz
June 2008 – Present Photographer – 360 Unlimited Arts & Photography Studio
March 2003 – May 2007 – Freelance Photographer / Magazine Contributor
April 2001-March 2002 – Assistant Photographer / Artist – ADPHOTO
Jan.1995-March 1999 – Freelance Photographer – Metro ManilaWARDS E
Finalist – 2001 Digital Design Competition
1st & 2nd Place-Digital Print of the Year 2001
Grand Prize & 1st Runner Up Winner2004 Master Digital Artist of the Year
January 2007 I-MAG Photography
March 2007 WACOM ASIA Website
SEPTEMBER 2007 “Image of the Week” at PHOTOSHOP.COM – U.S.A.
8th Place and Honorable Mention – AfterCapture Magazine by ADOBE Contest WorldWide 2007
Featured Artist at Corel Painter Magazine U.K. Edition
Featured in Mabuhay Magazine In Focus : October 2011
Featured in Manila Bulletin Newspaper – App, App and Away March 2012

I fell in love with FUJIFILM X Series with my X-Pro1, the first X Series camera that I owned. After lugging around a heavy full-frame DSLR for many years, I searched for a lighter and more compact camera with outstanding image quality and found that the X-Pro1 is the camera that I have been looking for. I have shot beautiful Philippine landscapes and many Philippine festivals with the X-Pro1.


In 2013, I was able to try the X100S which instantly became my everyday camera. Like an important accessory, I could not leave my place out without it.
The 23mm (35mm equivalent) fixed lens, the point-and-shoot like size and the rangefinder design made it a perfect for camera my street and travel photography. It became my weapon of choice.


After shooting for more than a year with the X100S, FUJIFILM introduced its successor the X100T which was loaded with new features that made me enjoy shooting with the X100 even more: the Electronic Rangefinder mode in the viewfinder which made shooting with the OVF more useful and enjoyable, the super silent electronic mode that is perfect for my Street and Travel Photography, improved focus speed, wi-fi remote function and of course, the CLASSIC CHROME Film Simulation, which is my favorite.
I brought the X100T in many of my travels abroad. In 2015, I went to Japan and shot Tokyo with the X100T in black and white.

In that same year, I travelled to Nepal and armed with the X100T, shot all my photos in CLASSIC CHROME. I loved how the CLASSIC CHROME and its muted colors captured the beauty of Kathmandu and its people.


This year, the fourth generation X100 series camera is finally released. The X100F now comes with the newest sensor and processor, at par with the current flagship cameras. Along with that, new hardware refinements like the dual Shutter Speed and ISO dial and the focus lever make shooting even more seamless and intuitive. I love that I can manually adjust my exposure triangle through dials. Like a film camera, the X100F can be set even before turning it on.

In addition, I like that the X100F shares the same battery as my other X Series cameras like the X-T2 and X-Pro2. The digital zoom, like in the X70 is just as intuitive and useful. Lastly, the new Film Simulation ACROS is a welcome addition to the current line-up of Film Simulations available which makes X Series distinctly FUJIFILM.