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PEAK: Doruk Seymen x XF50mmF1.0 R WR

Fast, Mystical and Impressive

Hi, this is Doruk Seymen and I have been a professional photographer since 2006. Until early 2019, I have worked with many magazines in the press and now I still provide visual content services to companies from various industries. In addition to the professional progress of photography, I believe I have to have an amateur side to do experimental work. In my free time, I mostly do experiments to discover new things and develop new techniques and create different forms of expression. In this sense, the yields of technology become an element that must be followed constantly for the development of business and the incentive of creativity. I design and plan many of the works I do myself to remain original. I mostly produce projects that include people and their stories. From the beginning to the end of the project, I change according to the innovations in a world I have built myself. In the emergence of challenging ideas, the equipment must be competent as well as the ideas. Otherwise, it takes time to achieve the desired results and sometimes you are late.

In 2017, I read an article and that was the first time I have met Fujifilm. That year, I participated in an off-road rally with an X-T2. I took the X-T2 and left the old equipment without even looking back. It was a very risky move but it was time for a change and the easiest way to do it was to let yourself go. I was waking up in another city every morning and trying to write a story. With all these details, Fujifilm seemed to help me to make the story better every day, with its lightness and practicality. X-T2 was quick, nimble, and sharp. When I returned from the rally, I could not go back to the old system again. Like in the first years I entered a process that constantly pushed me to shoot continuously. In addition to making the customer happy, I had a camera that made me happy and even fueled my creativity with its possibilities.

When the change and acceleration of the world began to manifest itself in photography as in every industry, we can say that Fujifilm was the beginning of the change or adaptation in me. In Fujifilm, where I especially preferred prime lenses, XF16mmF1.4 and XF56mmF1.2 were among my favorites. These prime lenses, especially the XF16mmF1.4, satisfied me in terms of sharpness like never before in my life. The sharpness of the results, the correct colors, and the lenses with the autofocus system, which responds quickly, gave me great relief. 

We are now facing the new XF50mmF1.0. We can call it a dream-like lens for portrait photographers, they can be sure that they will carry the subject they want to shoot to a completely different environment. In this regard, the conditions in Fujifilm mirrorless cameras are revolutionary in the world of photography. When I experienced the lens, I had the chance to test it outdoors with artificial and natural light, and of course, we also reviewed the video performance. The most important feature that stands out, I think, is the Autofocus feature, which surprised me with its speed in almost all conditions. It was quite effective even in backlight and we experienced a shot where the lens flare did not look uncomfortable and did not disturb the focus point. There is nothing to say about sharpness but it is necessary to get to know the lens a little and spend time with it. It is not difficult because at a 1.0 aperture, even between the eye and the eyebrow, a certain depth of field can occur. It is a challenging situation, but when you take the right step, you will have great pictures. Those who use manual focus should pay attention. The XF50mmF1.0, which also provides a great advantage in night shots, enabled us to capture a fairy tale narrative. The softness of the bokeh is noticeable in both photography and video. I saw that XF50mmF1.0, which I tried at sunset with some RGB lights, was quite successful in detecting different color tones.

When we examine the first F1.0 AF lens of the mirrorless camera world technically, we see that this lens, which is 103.5 mm long and weighs 845 grams, is very compact and portable. It stands out that it is resistant to moisture and dust like some other XF lenses and can perform in environments with temperatures down to -10 degrees. While the compatibility of the XF50mmF1.0 with the X series cameras is almost flawless even with the demo unit, the software updates to be made in the next versions that will be released will take its effect to a completely different level.