01.17.2019 Martin Hülle

Martine Huelle Live Stage in Photokina 2018

Martin Hülle

Hej, my name is Martin Hülle and I’m a photographer and author from Germany.

My heart beats especially for the secluded regions of the far north. For more than 25 years I have been exploring mountain landscapes and glacier worlds in summer as well as in winter. Whether on foot or on skis, I have travelled thousands of miles on countless tours in these breath-taking districts. The fascination for this region will stay forever.

I completely walked the 800 km long Nordkalottleden in one piece. Week long winter tours lead me through the loneliest areas of northern Europe. I went over the Jostedalsbreen in Norway and the Vatnajökull in Iceland several times. Two crossings in Greenland from east to west – the Greenland Transversale 2006 and the expedition EISWÜSTE 2008 – were milestones in my life as a “polar adventurer”.

After two cramp attacks in spring 2012 I got the diagnosis of epilepsy and my life as a hiker got out of hand. But I did not allow myself to give up during the days I had to stay in the hospital and the weeks that I needed to recover afterwards. As a result of this the idea of the photo and travel project „My North“ was born. To dream again and to go to the wonderful places that meant so much to me and at the same time to get in uncharted waters where I had never been before, but always wanted to go.

This trip was followed by eleven trips to the north. Four years of departure. Adventure-seeking during all seasons of the year. Alone, with friends and family. Hikes and ski tours documented in pictures and texts that shows emotions and tell experiences. A declaration of love to rough landscapes, paltry regions and an intense way of being on the road.

Photography and writing are a way to capture, express and share feelings with others. Camera and notebook are my constant companions in search of exciting stories, reports and documentaries.