Customizing Your X Series Camera

Fancy your own, bespoke X Series camera? Well, you can have one! And it will cost you no more than a few minutes of your time.
We’re all individuals when it comes to photography. We like to photograph certain subjects in specific ways using particular functions. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but it can make things pretty tricky when it comes to designing cameras in the first place. How can it be possible to please all photographers all of the time? Thankfully, the X Series designers thought of that and have created a number of ways in which you can change how your camera functions to suit your own photographic needs. Customization is universal across the X Series lineup, but the level does vary from model to model.

Here are three ways you can take control: 

Changing the Q Menu

The Q, or ‘Quick’, Menu is directly accessed on all X Series cameras via a dedicated Q button. It will be somewhere on the right-hand side of the back of your camera. If you press the button once, it will go into the Q Menu, but press and hold the same button, and you’ll access the customization option. Once in there, you’ll see the SET and END options in the bottom-left corner of the rear LCD.

Learn photography with Fujifilm, Customizing Your X Series Camera

Now, navigate to the Q Menu item you would like to reassign using the selector buttons or the focus lever (if your camera has one). Once selected, press the MENU OK button. This takes you into a menu where you choose the function you’d like to assign to that particular part of the Q Menu. Once you’ve found the right one, press the MENU OK button a second time to take you back to the Q Menu, where the new function will now be assigned. Repeat this as many times as you like until all the areas are what you want, and finally press the DISP BACK button to end. Easy.

Customizing Function (Fn) Buttons

Your X Series camera will have one or more Function (Fn) buttons and, if you have a model with a touchscreen, it will also have gestures; all of which can be customized. Seeing which buttons (and gestures) can be customized on your X Series camera is easy. Just press and hold the DISP BACK button until the FUNCTION SETTING screen appears.

Learn photography with Fujifilm, Customizing Your X Series Camera

Now use a similar process as you do for the Q Menu. Scroll down to the button or gesture you’d like to customize using the selector buttons or focus lever, then click right to access the options menu. Choose the feature you’re after and press the MENU OK button to set it, or the DISP BACK button to cancel. Repeat this for as many buttons and gestures you wish to customize.

Using the Set Up Menu

Every X Series camera has a set up menu with multiple options that allow you to further customize your camera. There are too many to list their individual merits, but when you have some spare time and a charged battery, have a look around the set up menu and see what you can change, from button settings to power management, and even how images are stored. If you only have a minute or two, head to the SCREEN SET-UP option and then choose DISP. CUSTOM SETTING. In this option, you’ll find a host of cool things you can switch on in the viewfinder and rear LCD to help you take even better shots!

Bonus Option: The My Menu

If you own one of the newer X Series models with an X-Trans sensor, you’ll also have a My Menu option, which is an alternative to the Q Menu and is accessed using the conventional menu system, rather than a button. You can add multiple options to the My Menu by going to the USER SETTING menu, then choosing MY MENU SETTING. Here you can add items into the My Menu, as well as change their order around. Once selected, they are accessible via the My tab in the menu.

Learn photography with Fujifilm, Customizing Your X Series Camera

Your Next Steps

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