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GF45-100mmF4 "Zoom Ahead" - Glenn McKimmin

Travelling through New Zealand at any time of year is magical – a photographers paradise of shifting light and colour. My philosophy in and around photographer basically reinforces the need for photographers to print their work. Photography was created to print and to be able to travel around with the GFX 100 gives me the confidence to shoot how I want knowing that the print will be everything it should be and more.

The 45-100mm Fujinon lens is everything I thought it would be for landscape and travel photography. It’s light enough to hike with, incredibly sharp and versatile enough to use on its own. The print results are breath taking, the detail and sharpness are incomparable.

Landscape photography takes patience, passion and an acute awareness of the land you want to photograph, images are gifts that can sometimes take ½ a second or many years to capture correctly.

As a lifelong supporter of the natural world, I wants my photographs to highlight a special, forgotten innocence, with the ultimate hope of encouraging us to take better care of the breath taking world right under our feet – because you genuinely never know when it might be ripped from beneath you.


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