05.05.2015 FUJIFILM

FUJINON Speed Lenses "Rebirth of the Legend" #1

Fast aperture lenses are also known as “High Speed Lenses”. You can use faster shutter speed as the aperture gets wider.
In 1954, FUJIFILM introduced FUJINON 5cmF1.2 and FUJINON 3.5cmF2
In 1956, FUJINON 10cmF2 was introduced,
The three covered and completed the wide-angle, standard, and telephoto fast aperture lens lineup.
“FUJINON Speed Trio”, as they shall be called, were praised by the professional photographers around world as they delivered high image quality and took flare under control. Today, these lenses are in their legendary status. They are so hard-to-find even in the second-hand market.
60 years later, the L mount FUJINON Speed Trio were reborn in the X Mount lens format as the digital-age of “FUJINON Speed Lenses” and are now Quintet instead of Trio.
The time changes, and the technology advances, but certain things remain the same. We will pick up one by one in the episode to come.

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