04.05.2017 Takashi Nakagawa

FUJIFILM X100F with Conversion Lenses by Takashi Nakagawa

Takashi Nakagawa

Born in 1981 in Kyoto. Travels around the world for street and documentary photography. His works are published through various international media such as National Geographic. He has won National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year and other international photographic competition. 

I’ve travelled around the world with the X-T1, X70, and X-Pro2. Each model has its unique greatness and I have been happy shooting with them. But even then, I have never been as excited about a camera as I’ve been about the X100F. I was immediately convinced that this camera is my dream camera when I tested it out in Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan. The camera is compact and lightweight, the viewfinder is very easy to see, the shutter is quiet, the operation is very intuitive, and the autofocus is fast to ensure that you do not miss the decisive moment. There is no better camera than this one for street photography at the moment.

The X100F not only has my favorite angle of view, 35mm equivalent, but it also has two optional conversion lenses. With these two lenses, the X100F can shoot at 28mm and 50mm equivalent angles of view. My main concern when I converted from DSLR to mirrorless was that there was no protection for the sensor surface when changing lenses. I am hesitant to change a lens in dusty or rainy environment, or when I am by the ocean. In fact, I have been let down in the past when I had dust get on my sensor surfaces a couple of the times. However, with the conversion lens, I no longer have to worry about the dust. Plus, attaching and reattaching the lens is quick and easy. The camera automatically recognizes the new conversion lens models, so I do not have to go into the menu to change settings. And if you combine the new digital teleconverter function, you can now shoot from 28mm to 100mm. Simply put, this is the best travel camera kit.

I started taking photos of my hometown Kyoto a couple of years ago. After traveling around the world, I was reminded how beautiful the city is with its rich cultural heritage. I have been going back to my roots and trying to remember things from my childhood as I wander the city taking photos. One thing about Kyoto is that the streets are very narrow. In recent projects, I have mostly been shooting with my X-Pro2 and XF23mm. But in Kyoto, I feel I need a wider 28mm angle of view. The X100F and its wide conversion lens is the best combination to take photos in Kyoto.

The X100F is a dream camera for all photography lovers. If you were ever hesitant about using a fixed lens camera, then I strongly recommend testing this camera with its conversion lenses. With these expansive elements, the X100F is guaranteed to help you fall in love with photography even more.