01.03.2019 Bernd Ritschel

Bernd Ritschel Live Stage in Photokina 2018

Bernd Ritschel

Bernd Ritschel, born in 1963 in Wolfratshausen, Upper Bavaria, Germany, has been traveling the mountains and continents of this earth for 25 years. He has made many expeditions to the Himalayas, Alaska, the Andes and the Arctic to climb peaks more than 7000 meters high. The enthusiastic extreme mountaineer is now an internationally successful professional photographer. Long crossings such as the Skitransalp (2009) and the Dolomites Cross (2010) have made it possible for him to pursue his passion for the Alps more intensively than ever. He has been living in Kochel am See, Germany, with his wife Manuela and daughter Clarissa for many years.
“My camera has been my constant companion in the mountains for more than 25 years. At first, I mainly concentrating on documenting our tours and expeditions. This was followed by a phase of challenging, exciting promotional photography and commissions. However, ‘mountains in the light’ will continue to make up a large part of my photographic work and bind me closely to high Alpine mountaineering—authentic, emotional, back to the roots.”
More than 80 expeditions have taken him to 65 countries and almost all the mountains on earth. The results are captured in 20 books of photography, 5 textbooks/guides, numerous calendars and publications in almost all the major German-language magazines, among others.
His photos have been printed in many renowed magazines such as Geo, Stern, Geo Saison, Abenteuer & Reisen, ADAC specials and almost all the European skiing and mountaineering magazines. They have also been displayed at more than a dozen exhibitions throughout Central Europe. Bernd Ritschel is now one of Central Europe’s most famous mountain and documentary photographers.