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Rinzi Ruiz’s Street Challenge

Andrew Alvarado wins Rinzi Ruiz’s challenge with an arresting image full of contrast, geometry, and human interest

When Rinzi Ruiz introduced his Create With Me round, he made it no secret that he’s a passionate chaser of light. In fact, his street photography journey began as an examination of light – and fittingly, the trajectory of his winner’s image making follows suit.

“My interest in street photography started three years ago, when a friend gave me a film camera,” Andrew explains. “We spent the weekends downtown and, at first, I was drawn to people doing everyday things and being themselves. My interest has now evolved into how light interacts with the cityscape, with people in the middle of it all.

“I love high contrast, and small slivers of light and shape in a scene. Lines also appeal to me when it comes to composition.”

Found in downtown Dallas, this scene was an immediate draw.

“I create in the city just about every weekend, and am drawn to where there is the most foot traffic. When I saw the light and windows, I loved how just a small section of the sidewalk was lit, and it created a triangle on the ground. I had seen people walk through it as I came upon the location, and knew I had to document something while I could.

“Often, I will stay in the same spot for up to a half hour, once I’ve found where the light is right, the foot traffic is heavy, and the frame is to my liking. I’ll then make several photos because as time and people pass, the scene can change.”

Rinzi made a natural choice in his winner.

“There were so many amazing photos to select from, but Andrew took the challenge and my three tips to heart,” he beams. “He found a location with a nice spot of light, waited patiently, and pressed the shutter at a good time. Andrew even made sure the legs were in the preferable position and the person’s head was placed in a good spot on the window. The photo has a nice, clean composition. Awesome work. Keep it up!”

Please note, this video was released during the 2022 Create With Me competition. Entries have now closed.

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