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Derek Fahsbender’s Street Challenge

Yannis Porfyropoulos catches Derek Fahsbender’s creative eye with bold lighting, geometric composition, and a surreal touch

Street photography boasts diverse subject matter. Some images are a thoughtful meditation on the human condition, while others offer sheer visual delight. There is no single right kind of intrigue, but layers of depth are sure to draw the eye. Thankfully, that’s precisely what Yannis Porfyropoulos manages with his winning image.

“Light, geometry, people, and everyday life are the main inspirations for my street photography,” Yannis says, reflecting on his creative drives. “I have a sweet spot for the mundane things that usually go unnoticed.

“For the last three and a half years, San Francisco has been my street photography canvas. Before I moved here, I was making images in Athens, Greece.”

At a glance, Yannis’s scene looks straight out of a fashion magazine. But true to the genre, there’s not an element of falsehood to be found.

“The moment in this photo was completely unexpected,” he explains. “I made a single frame when I saw the subject, but got pretty lucky the way it all came together!”

Crafting the image, however, was all his doing. “Composition, in general, plays a huge role in my photography – and in this photo, too. After that, the subject and color grading come next.

“I try to share a vision of the world through my own point of view. Sometimes, my photos come out with a documentary feeling, and sometimes with a slightly surreal one. I guess it depends on the subject and my mood.”

Somewhat reminiscent of his own work, Derek was an immediate fan of Yannis’s entry.

“This photo, by Yannis, pulled me in the moment I laid eyes on it,” he shares. “The palette is harmonious, the moment perfect in its candid nature, and the composition spot on. It’s clear this image was created with patience, intent, a wonderful eye, and technical precision. It can be so hard to have the stars align in your favor while photographing in the street, which makes this photo all the more rewarding for both the photographer and the viewer. This is a marriage between skill and luck, as are many of the great street images – and makes me want to know more, in the best of ways.”

Please note, this video was released during the 2022 Create With Me competition. Entries have now closed.

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