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Chinelle Rojas’s Self-Portrait Challenge

Shellessa Constantine’s self-portrait conjures goddess-like imagery, with an eye-catching color profile, regal attire and bold posing

“The intention behind this photo was to have a physical representation of who my internal self has evolved into.” Shellessa begins. “I have been on a transformative journey, and it was important for me to document this chapter.

“This inspired the wardrobe of warm greens, oranges, and earth tones – as well as the posing. I felt strong, confident, and dynamic, and I feel like it was all translated in this powerful stance,” she continues. Location, too, played a crucial part in the overarching story of Shellessa’s self-portrait.

“The image was made at my favorite beach, in my hometown of Broward County, Florida. The energy that day was peaceful and majestic. Coupled with the outfit, I felt like royalty of the Middle East.”

Final bold standouts included composition and color. Shellessa positioned herself in the center of frame, then relied upon FUJIFILM Film Simulations to achieve the desired look.

“The stripped-back composition was organic, due to the setting. I also enjoyed the nostalgic feel the geometry of the horizon created. I am super intentional about color when I create images. It’s why I only use Fujifilm cameras. The color science looks stunning.

“I also used a vintage Fujica lens, which has a colored tint to the glass,” the photographer continues. “This, married with the Film Simulation, did most of the work. All I had to do in post was increase the warm temperature, tweak contrast to my liking, and go as dramatic as I would with the earth tones. The latter included a red color overlay, to give the feeling of Arabian sands.”

Shellessa’s image caught Chinelle’s attention enough to declare it a winner. “It was so hard to make a decision, but ultimately, I chose to go Shellessa,” the X-Photographer notes. “Her image stopped me in my tracks, and I found myself coming back to it numerous times. I love that she created the photo outside by the ocean. Her gold wardrobe, positioning, and posing give off a feeling of royalty and etherealness that I vibe with. I was immediately reminded of the goddess Oshun and can see that was likely her source of inspiration. The warm editing further enhances those feelings for me. Well done!”

Please note, this video was released during the 2022 Create With Me competition. Entries have now closed.

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