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Brandon Ruffin’s Commercial Challenge

Winsome Hitchcock’s winning image exemplifies the power of minimalism, complete with bold hues

Eye-catching commercial images like Winsome’s don’t happen by accident. “For me, commercial photography is about showing the consumer how they can embody everything the campaign illustrates,” the photographer begins. “It’s exciting to create this type of imagery with that goal in mind.”

While this particular session was a passion project, created with the hope of attracting clients in the jewelry market, it required the same clear vision.

“I had a distinct idea of the color palette and props we would use,” Winsome continues. “The vibrant blue skies and marigolds, offset by the neutrals in the wardrobe, were the groundwork – but the look was also collaborative in the sense that the model, Injoh Tanwani, brought her own fashion and style that paired well with the broader scene.”

Blue midday skies also meant hard sun to contend with. Thankfully, light is a key consideration in much of Winsome’s imagery.

“In my work, I focus on harnessing the light in a way that makes a subject’s skin tone glow. A lot of my images contain glistening subjects – that has to be one of my favorite ways to photograph people.

“The confidence for this project came from collaboration,” Winsome concludes, noting Brandon’s final tip. “I had a vision and theme, but working with Injoh aligned that fully. The elements we both brought came together in a way that was so on point. We were in sync, and after a long session, everything fell into place to create this image.”

Commenting on his chosen winning images, Brandon Ruffin says: “This photo has beautiful composition and continuity in color. It draws my eye to the subject and makes me want to dive in deeper. Just like a real commercial image should, it creates an element of curiosity, while also being minimalist enough that the viewer can get a clear picture of what is being advertised. Winsome leans in on a strong voice, confidence, and a firm understanding of photo fundamentals to tell the story of this product.”

Please note, this video was released during the 2022 Create With Me competition. Entries have now closed.

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