Zaqaria Chelidze (Georgia)

Zaqaria Chelidze was born in Ozurgeti. Due to the fact that his parents were serving in the Russian Army, he often had to change the place of residence and the school as well. He studied Law, but spent most of his time in the yard of the Academy of Art, because he knew his life would eventually be connected to the art. He worked with socially vulnerable children when he was 19. Then he moved to America for four years. That’s where he started taking pictures of the celebrities. His photos are exhibited in Germany, Georgia and the Netherlands. He is one of the winners of the World Bank’s Photo Contest “End Poverty”.

The first source of inspiration for Zaqaria was the stress that led him to seek for the calmness. Since then, he constantly tries to capture human emotions, happiness, peace and love, which is found in everything and everywhere. He loves black and white photography as he believes that the emotions expressed in these colors are most true and authentic.


  • X-T20
  • XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS