Yingying Wang (China)

The Chief Photographer of IVFOTO Studio(Hangzhou); the Co-founder of Hangzhou steamed bun Gallery. Wang focuses on documentary and portrait photography. Her works named “World of underground” are displayed in West Lake Expo Museum and reported on magazines. Her works in Human photography won the ThrunBerg Photo Contest and collected by private institution.


I used to take picture in Portrait and documentary by full frame DSLR and film camera before I met the X-T1. In the past I just knew the film of FUJIFILM, when I got the X-T1 I got another answer. Fuji’s camera can offer me not only the amazing color that I like but also more probabilities in portrait creation.
First I like the EVF finder of X-T1 which helps me solve the trouble in adjusting. What I see just what catch in the finder.
Second, the Multiple exposure function is very useful. When I take the second picture, the first one is displayed in the LCD/EVF finder. It makes it easy in composition and creation to use the Multiple exposure.
I am focusing in artistic creative portrait creation, l hold my own photographic language. So I need one camera that can give me creating works more convenient and useful. The designing of button and function can solve my actual demanding. For my opinion X-T1 is designing for creative photographers. I have fallen in love this camera which had become an indispensable partner in my photographic creation!


  • X-T1
  • XF60mmF2.4 R Macro