Stefan Finger (Germany)

Stefan Finger (born 1983) is a German photographer. He is based in Düsseldorf and Hannover. 
After his Bachelor’s degree in Politics, Media and Sociology, Finger received his Master in Political Communication at the University Heinrich Heine in Düsseldorf. For this degree he completed a Master’s Thesis about the effect of photography. During his studies he worked as a freelance photographer and writer for several newspapers and the news agency epd as well. In 2011 he began studying Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the University of Applied Sciences in Hannover. During his studies he completed an internship at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
Finger is working on long-term projects around the world, focusing on socially significant topics. He was already nominated for the CNN Journalist of the Year award and the Mediaprice of the “Kindernothilfe” with a story about people who live on a Philippines’ dumpsite.
With the story “Wanna Have Love?! – Consequences of Sex Tourism” (the first long-term project Insa Hagemann and Stefan Finger realized as a team) Hagemann and Finger won the highly-prestigious UNICEF Photo of the Year Award in 2014, the Schömbeger Fotoherbst and were shortlisted for the Alfred Fried Award. Stefan Finger is represented by the photo agency laif.


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