Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo (Colombia)

Architect, National University of Colombia. MA Photography and Urban Cultures, Goldsmiths College, University of London. Member of Collective +1, CROMA, Fujifilm’s X-Photographer. Projects photographed in South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and USA, exhibited in over 80 individual and collective exhibitions: Fototeca de Cuba, 42 Salón Nacional de Artistas, #20FotógrafosAmazonas/Tlacotalpan, DRCLAS-Harvard University and MIT. TED speaker. First Prize in Portfolio Review Festival de la Luz-Fotográfica 2015, Buenos Aires and Future Memories-IDARTES. Honorable Mention and finalist of FUTURA Felifa, Feria de Fotolibros de Autor (FOLA/TURMA) Prize. Finalist of FIEBRE Dummy Award 2017, 4th Vienna Photobook Festival in Vienna, 2011-2015 Latino Book Awards in New York and Stiftung Buchkunst in Frankfurt/Leipzig. Selected for #CLAP! Book and #Awake call by @10x10photobook, FLIP Photobook Award 2016 in The Hague and Trasatlántica PhotoEspaña 2010 in Oaxaca. Selected for HYDRA’s Photobook Incubator 2016, México. Worked at Villegas Editores for 5 years. For the last 2, editing his own photobooks (i.e. White Elephant, LUCÍA, Chos Piangua and RUINA/Ruin, London-Gap My Mind). He is also designing other photographers' books. He is publishing his book Colombia, tierra de luz (Land of Light) at the end of the year. Has participated in photography festivals in Istanbul, Venice, Lima, Paraty, Valparaíso, San José, San Salvador, Querétaro, London and Beijing. Santiago has photographed for Villegas Editores, UNHCR, OXFAM, MFO-Egypt, ICIPE-Kenya, Facebook. Ran workshops for Zona Cinco, NatGeoStudentExpeditions, Banco de la República, Don Bosco, Taller de Fotografía Roberto Mata. Director of COLOMBIA, tierra de luz –


What I like the most about the Fujifilm's X cameras is the high quality of the image (detail, colour and texture), the versatility of the functions and lightness of the equipment. As an urban photographer, the size and retro appearance of my X-E2, help me to be invisible while walking the street.


  • X-Pro2
  • X-E2