Sami Al Tokhais (Saudi Arabia)

Sami has spent most of his life traveling constantly between Saudi Arabia and the United States. Born in Ohio, raised in both Riyadh and Colorado. His background, in having grown up in two distinctly different cultures, has had an impact on the way he sees the world and people. He believes in the universal language of photographs, and how they influence the way we make sense of the world we live in. Like many, his journey in photography started at a very young age by skimming the pages of National Geographic and traveling vicariously through their vivid images. Now, he spends as much time as possible exploring the world and documenting it through travel photography.
Sami's travel and documentary work has been seen in various publications. He is a freelance photographer and currently lives in Riyadh.


The immediacy of the medium of photography is the reason behind its acceptance. The secret behind taking captivating photos lies between having the right tool for the job and the appropriate approach to the subject. Throughout my travels I have always tried to cocoon myself behind a camera that had to be subtle in order not to disrupt a way of life in a certain culture. The X-Pro 1 has met the criteria for me. It is immediate, responsive and discreet: the perfect recipe for the avid traveler photographer.