Photo Gump Wang (Taiwan)

As a senior editor of photography books, I happened to have the privilege to use and test all kinds of digital cameras. Regardless of fancy specifications, image quality and punchy colors are two key factors that I valued the most. With stylish body design and refined button arrangement, the light-weight APS-C X-A2 had caught my attention on its very announcement.
For many years, Full-frame DSLR had always been my first choice whenever I had photography tasks or tried to capture beautiful landscapes. However, the clumsy size and heavy weight of FF DSLR had gradually become a huge burden to me. Therefore, getting a compact DC with large sensor had become a logical decision for me.
In my recent trip to Hehuan Mountain (Hehuanshan), to my biggest surprise, X-A2 could handle almost any situation I had faced, including the severe challenge of low temperature and high humidity. Carrying it on my neck the whole day would nearly cause me no pain at all. Beautifully reproduced colors and wide dynamic range had given me the advantage to capture many breath-taking photos of this gorgeous mountain easily, no matter day or night.
X-A2 is truly a good travel companion to me. It had helped me seized many wonderful moments effortlessly. With reasonable price and large capacity battery are also extremely attractive selling points. Not to mention its classic & retro body design and great high ISO performance; trust me, you’re going to love it at first sight and enjoying using it as much as I do!
PhotoGump Wang Taiwan, R.O.C.


  • X-A2
  • XC16-50mmF3.5-5.6 OIS