Paul Mei (Greece)

My name is Paul Mei born in 1964 in Athens, Greece. I studied Applied Computer Sciences in Brunel University, UK. My initial profession was computer programmer which later progressed to technical project manager. My job took me to four different residencies, United Kingdom, USA, France and Cyprus. Street photography has become a passion and a journey for me. I have been taking photos for many years but mostly I was capturing places visiting, like structures etc. I always avoided taking pictures of people for one and only reason; I didn’t like staged photos.

Around 2012 I started taking somewhat candid photos of people at events, which didn’t have that much of excitement since people were expecting to be photographed. My friends kept telling me that they liked my photos, but I knew something was missing. When I watched the Finding Vivian Maier documentary film in June 2016, I knew it was exactly what I liked. A huge door opened up for me. I did my research and I discovered that it was a big thing for many internationally. Then I started connecting with all sort of great photographers which exposed the world I was looking for and mostly in Israel which has become almost a permanent destination.


In 2019 was the year that I came to the decision that I had to move to a mirrorless system for photography. I have been using a full frame DSLR for many years and I had reached the limits. I could not improve my photography skills. One of the reasons that I came to the decision for a mirrorless were the advantages for shooting street photography. Smaller size, lighter apparatus and being able to see what you get are vital for me.

The question was which brand to select that would give me the best quality for a decent budget. I did my research for a couple of months and it was easy to eliminate most of the known brands because I found out that they were behind the game. The final choice was between a full frame and a ¾ APSC.

Most of my fellow street photographers are owners of FUJIFILM X Series but my decision to get a FUJIFILM X-T3 became solid when I met an experienced X-Photographer in Greece who gave me the right reasons. I coupled that with a prime FUJINON XF16mmF1.4, which is my favorite focal length, and I got the setup I desired. It took me just a few clicks to realize that I had an amazing camera in my hands. Versatility, blazing fast focus, vibrant colors, quick dials, sharpness are just a few values I can think off the top my head.


  • X-T3
  • XF16mmF1.4 R WR
  • XF23mmF1.4 R
  • XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR