Olivier Polet (Belgium)

Professional photographer since 1990, I started as Press photographer. Has been collaborating over the past 20 years with several major photo agencies, such as Sipa in paris (1995-2005), Action Press in Germany, Corbis,...

I had the opportunity to set up my own company & to dedicate my shooting around the Belgian Royal Family. Official royal photographer for about 15 years, I made different books & exhibitions around this particular topic.

As a photographer I currently working on a long-term project, following the diamond trail around the world, and putting the last touch on book projects with the Belgian royal family. I'm the author of several books, on subjects as diverse as the Greenhouses of Laeken, Social Housing in Brussels, King Albert and Queen Paola, Philippe and Mathilde's 10 years wedding Anniversary, and an homage to Brussels' social workers.

Besides, I'm working together with a belgian press agency : Reporters. This give me the opportunity to drive my business abroad.

Olivier Polet (Belgium)Gallery 02
Olivier Polet (Belgium)
Gallery 02
Olivier Polet (Belgium)Gallery 01
Olivier Polet (Belgium)
Gallery 01

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